The Soon To Be NHL All-Star the Leafs Should Consider Adding

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Conclusion - Cam Talbot : Leafs Goalie?

As it stands, even with the Kings recent slide, it seems unlikely that they would move Talbot. Unless they're going to go in on an option, giving up from their deep prospect pool to do so. Even though he's an all-star, it would seem unlikely Talbot goes for a first round pick.

Recently, an article on EIL argued for a few goalie options, which I feel Anthony Stolarz is the most sensible. Other recent arguments include Jordan Binnington and Marc-Andre Fleury, more marquee options that could push the Leafs forward, although costlier.

One difficulty to a signing like Binnington and Fleury is the knowing that Joseph Woll is being positioned as a starter. It doesn't feel likely that Binnington, signed until 2027, is joining a team to be a 1B or a backup, while Fleury will almost surely field offers from teams needing a starter, like the New Jersey Devils, already rumored in talks for the future Hall of Fame netminder.

There's as many positives to adding Talbot as there is to not. At this time, if the Leafs would acquire Talbot, they'd be doing so at a time where he's suffered a stretch of difficult outings, but not someone Los Angeles would rather sell at his lowest point of the season.

If Talbot were to sign in the off-season, he may be willing to take a discount for his hometown team, but comes at the challenge of still signing for more than the $1M he's currently making, and against teams more willing to give him the role of a proper starter.

There's a lot of factors that will go into how the Leafs approach their goalie situation, and unless they make a blockbuster like Binnington, it's almost certain that there will still be questions on the Leafs future at the position in free agency as well.


Whatever route the Leafs go in, Toronto should still be focused on adding a veteran who can make an impact as a consistent netminder, and if the Leafs can't land a big fish, there's a very intriguing value option in Cam Talbot who could still improve the team in the short-term, and someone already on his way to Toronto this year.