Goalie Trades the Toronto Maple Leafs Should Consider

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#4 Magnus Hellberg - A Career #3 for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Another career #3 goalie is Magnus Hellberg. He's one of those goalies that seems to bounce around the league whenever he's put of waivers after covering for injuries.

He's never been considered talented enough to be an NHL back-up, but it seems like every team wants him as their third goalie. He played for three teams last season: the Ottawa Senators, Seattle Kraken and Detroit Red Wings.

He signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins this off-season and managed to clear waivers is October. He is a pending UFA this summer and Pittsburgh is sitting outside of the playoff picture as I'm writing this.

Magnus Hellberg could be had for next to nothing. Perhaps Kyle Dubas would like to reunite with a Marlies player like Kyle Clifford in exchange for Hellberg.

#3 Anthony Stolarz - Solid Reliever for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Anthony Stolarz has proven over the past few seasons that he can be a reliable back-up in the NHL, and he'd be an amazing number 3.

He's on a savvy $1.1 million deal which could easily be buried if thing went way sour. He's also a pending UFA. The Florida Panthers are looking like cup contenders and though they may not want to part with Stolarz, they may need to.

Stolarz is currently backing-up Sergei Bobrovsky, but once Florida's 22 year-old goalie of the future, Spencer Knight, returns to the line-up, Stolarz is going to have to find a new home, and he's going to get claimed if the team decides to waive him.

Thing is though, there is no timeline on when Knight will return to the Panthers and by the time he returns, the Toronto Maple Leafs may have Joseph Woll back. Spencer Knight has been playing in the AHL while managing obsessive compulsive disorder.