Where Does Each Toronto Maple Leafs Free Agent Forward End Up?

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Max Domi

Domi became a fan favourite after one year in Toronto.

Between his last name and how he plays the game, most fans were pretty attached to Domi. He played 80 games where he scored nine goals, and recorded 38 assists for 47 points. In the playoffs, Domi had one goal and three assists for four points in seven games.

There were reports that Domi would like to stay here long-term.

The 29-year-old has been on seven different teams throughout his career so he is looking for some stability. Pierre LeBrun reported earlier this offseason the Leafs were in talks to keep Domi as well as Bertuzzi on longer-term contracts with an average annual value of around five to six million.

Domi is a little bit of a one-dimensional player, which can handcuff a coach if you have too many guys like him.

Defensively he isn't great but he can play on the wing as well as a centre. He played well when put on the top line with Matthews and Bertuzzi while bringing toughness as well.

The frustrating thing about Max outside of defensive errors is his refusal to shoot the puck. He only posted nine goals and I can think of countless times where he opted to pass instead of taking his shot in a dangerous area of the ice.

I do think the Leafs get a deal done with Domi. My prediction is Max will stay in Toronto on a five-year deal with an average annual value of around 4.5 million.

It's an expensive deal to get done for Domi but based on what the reporting is, that is probably where the deal will finish if he does stay in Toronto.