Toronto Maple Leafs Should Fire Brad Treliving If He Re-Signs Bertuzzi or Domi

Toronto Maple Leafs v Philadelphia Flyers
Toronto Maple Leafs v Philadelphia Flyers / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

According to The Athletic's Pierre LeBrun, there are rumblings that the Toronto Maple Leafs are working on long-term extensions for Tyler Beruzzi and Max Domi, and if this happens, I may never watch another game again.

Not only are the Toronto Maple Leafs supposedly interested in re-signing Bertuzzi and Domi to long-term extensions, but it's possible that their contracts could be worth between $5-6M each. I know I'm just a guy who blogs about the Leafs, as I'm neither a scout or a hockey executive, but I watched every single game this season and can't find a single reason why either Domi or Bertuzzi should return.

When the Leafs signed both of these players last summer, I was optimistic. A combined $8M for two top-nine forwards wasn't a crazy amount of money, plus they were both on a one-year "prove it" contract, which usually helps players perform at their best. However, halfway through the regular season, both of these looked like the biggest over-payment's of the summer, as they clearly weren't working.

Despite the terrible statistics they put up, many of us didn't care, as we knew they were signed mostly for the playoffs. Both of them play with an edge and toughness, different to most of the current forward group, that was supposed to help alter the unfortunate playoff results that we've witnessed for years.

However, that didn't happen. Both players scored one goal and registered three assists each in seven playoff games and were essentially a non-factor. Neither of them did anything to suggest that they deserve a long-term contract, most definitely not one that starts with a $5M AAV.

Brad Treliving Should Get Fired If Domi or Bertuzzi Return

If Brad Treliving blows $10-12M on Domi and Bertuzzi next year, I may never watch a game again. This team is set up so well right now offensively, thanks to their drafting and developing of Easton Cowan, Fraser Minten, Matthew Knies, Bobby McMann and Nick Robertson that they can use all of that cap-space for something way better than Domi and Bertuzzi.

This isn't supposed to be a hate-piece towards Domi and Bertuzzi, as they are clearly NHL players, but the Leafs can't afford to pay those type of players that type of money. When you have five top-nine forwards making close to league-minimum, you need to use that cap-space on high talent.

You can afford to "over-pay" a goalie or a top-pairing defenseman, or even go after someone like Steven Stamkos for big money, because you are essentially cheating the salary-cap by having effective players making league-minimum dollars.

Re-signing Domi and Bertuzzi would be a legitimate fireable offense by Treliving, but would be more of an inditment on Brendan Shanahan and his incapability to produce a winner. This hockey team has so much potential that they better not waste thier money on these guys, or I may not watch opening night.


I may join the New Jersey Devils bandwagon with Sheldon Keefe or follow Kyle Dubas' Pittsburgh Penguins at this rate because the Leafs are continuing to waste the prime years of Auston Matthews if they make dumb moves like this.