Toronto Maple Leafs Should Trade 2024 First-Round Draft Pick

2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 / John Russell/GettyImages

The Toronto Maple Leafs need to trade their 2024 first-round pick if they want to contend for a Stanley Cup next season

The Toronto Maple Leafs clearly know this, as reports indicated that the organization was willing to move their first-round pick for Jacob Markstrom. If this team was willing to trade a future prospect for a current NHLer who can make a difference, they should keep trying to move it for another goaltender or defenseman.

Until goaltender Juuse Saros signs an extension with the Nashville Predators, the Leafs should do everything in thier power to try to acquire him and that's where the first-round pick comes in handy. It's going to take much more than the No. 23 overall selection to get Saros, but it's a great start.

As much as Mitch Marner is still the team's biggest trade chip, their first-round pick is arguably just as valuable. When it comes to Marner, teams are hesitant to trade for him because of the big cap-hit he has, while a first-round pick comes with a future of unknown promise. GM's always value that unknown more than the known, especially because those draft picks can turn into cheap contracts for three years on an Entry Level deal.

Toronto Maple Leafs Should Trade 2024 First-Round Draft Pick

The most valuable contract in the league is a rookie who outperforms his production and as it currently stands, the Leafs may have three or four of those players on the roster next year.

You want to have a cupboard full of these players for the future but the team has seemed to hit the jackpot on a few other picks in recent drafts that they can afford to trade thier first-rounder this year, especially if it means aquiring top-talent.

The NHL Draft is typically the time where a bombshell trade happens which means the Leafs should shock the world and try to get a big-name player to help this team win now. Imagine a world where the team bundled a first-round pick and Marner?

All 31 other teams are picking up the phone if you put that offer on the table and it'll be tough for them to say no.

Maybe I've seen the movie Draft Day too many times but this is the time of the year where you make your team better and shake things up.


If the Leafs trade thier first-round pick on Friday night, it could alter the future of this franchise and get them that star defenseman or goaltender they desperately need.