Toronto Maple Leafs In Marquee Matchup vs Colorado Avalanche

There inn't a better game on today's docket than the Toronto Maple Leafs vs Colorado Avalanche

Toronto Maple Leafs v Arizona Coyotes
Toronto Maple Leafs v Arizona Coyotes / Zac BonDurant/GettyImages

The Toronto Maple Leafs will play the Colorado Avalanche tonight on Hockey Night in Canada.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will be putting their six game winning streak on the line against the slightly disapionting Avalanche.

The Leafs currently havd a .643 points percentage, while Colorado has a .647, with practically the same record.

I can say for certain that the Leafs being eight points out of the Atlantic Division title in late February is not where we wanted them to be (despite the very nice recent hot streak) and I believe the Avalanche could say the same thing.

Regardless, this is two of the top teams in the NHL and will feature several of the best players alive. If there is such a thing as a must-watch NHL Regular Season game, this is it.

Toronto Maple Leafs In Marquee Matchup vs Colorado Avalanche

Today's game gives the Leafs their chance at setting a personal best winning streak (7 games) in the Auston Matthews Era.

The team has come together the last couple of weeks, with Bertuzzi, Domi, Robertson and Mcmann (especially McMann) all coming together to augment the NHL's best core.

Additionally, enough cannot be said about Jake McCabe (unplayable earlier in the year) and Timothy Liljegren (recent breakout to the top of the lineup) who are just playing amazing.

Looking at this team, all they need is one upper echelon defender, a replacement for Reaves and Gregor (Steeves and Abruzzesse already exist so they don't even really need this) and a goalie.

Speaking of goalies, Joseph Woll played in the AHL and won today. His return is potentially. magnificent, but I just don't see how the Leafs can risk potentially playing Samsonov or Jones in the playoffs.

Additionally, how can you not let your mind wander to what this team could do with an elite goalie? John Gibson might be available and Juuse Saros (despite having a down year) as well. Either one puts the Leafs into the convesation of Best Roster in the NHL, and I really think that now that theire aren't a whole bunch of other holes to fill (thanks to McMann, Holmberg etc) I think it's the move to make.

As for tonight, a seventh straight win, against a top team, making it back-to-back vs the Avs and Knights, would be absolutely fantastic. The Toronto Maple Leafs are starting to show what they can do, and I for one am very excited.