The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Rest of the NHL Playoffs + Checking Predictions

Apr 30, 2024; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan McDonagh (27)
Apr 30, 2024; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan McDonagh (27) / Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maple Leafs are going to play in game six tonight against the Boston Bruins.

For the Toronto Maple Leafs things are looking up.

Sure they're down in the series, but Auston Matthews is *(hopefully)* going to play, and the power-play is due! Mitch Marner is determined to win his way back into our hearts, and Joseph Woll has stolen the net.

Most of the rest of the first round series are either done or just winding down, so I figure that now was as good a time as any to check in what else is going on in the NHL.

Checking in on the Rest of the NHL Playoffs

The Oilers and Kings, along with the Stars and Golden Knights played last night, before this was written, but four of the other five series are done.

The one that is not, is the Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators. The Canucks blew a third period lead on Tuesday and let the Predators back into the series. The Canucks will look to finish them off tomorrow, but they've won three games so far with three different goalies, so who knows what will happen.

We predicted beforehand that Nashville would win. However, we also predicted that the Jets would beat the Avalanche, and their MVP goalie might as well have not even shown up for this series, which was a bit of a joke, it turns out.

If you're wondering who will win in the other two series in the West still going on, we picked LA and Las Vegas, so the winners are likely to be Edmonton and Dallas.

In the east things have gone slightly more as predicted.

While we don't know yet if the Leafs will win, we did pick the Hurricanes and Rangers, and both moved on.

Unfortunately, we blew it when we called the Lightning to upset the Panthers. I am honestly quite surprised that the Tampa Bay Lightning have now lost twice in a row in the first round. I though they maybe had one last kick at the can, but I guess not.


As is usually the case, I am horrible at predicting who will win. This makes sense, because I am a historically bad gambler. If you could somehow talk your way into winning at sports gambling I'd be a pro, but alas, when it comes to picking winners, I will have keep working for a living!