Leafs Give Pathetic Performance Despite Win vs Jets

Jan 24, 2024; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Ilya Samsonov (35) makes a glove
Jan 24, 2024; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Ilya Samsonov (35) makes a glove / John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maple Leafs got nearly ten minutes of power-play time, and still couldn't score.

When not on the power-play (and also sometimes while on the power-play) the Toronto Maple Leafs let the Winnipeg Jets do whatever they wanted.

The Leafs won the game, and that is what counts.

But they only won the game because the goalie they put on waivers a couple of weeks ago played one of the best games of his life. (stats naturalstattrick.com).

Toronto Maple Leafs Give Pathetic Performance In Loss to Jets

By my unofficial count, Ilya Samsonov has now stolen three points this season, Joseph Woll eight, and Martin Jones two.

Now take this with a grain of salt because there are obviously a few games the Leafs lost when they deserved to win, but without those 13 points they got from goalies who stole the game, they would be behind the Montreal Canadiens, a team who entered the season hoping to win the first overall draft pick.

Bottom line, the Leafs were DOMINANTED by a team missing several of their best players. The Leafs haven't won a game against a playoff team (LA doesn't count because they lost nine of ten during the time they lost to the Leafs) since December 12th against the New York Rangers.

Last night among the skaters, only Connor Timmins was any good.

Ilya Samsonov was magnificent.

Everyone else was varying degrees of garbage.

The Leafs had a 36% Corsi. *That is extremely bad*

The Jets had 60% of the shots, and 75% of the scoring chances. The Dangerous chances were 9-3 in favor of the Jets.

Even with nearly 10 minutes of power-play time, the Leafs didn't score. In fact, on the Leafs power-play, the Jets had the three best scoring chances.

The Leafs beat a short-handed Seattle team on Sunday, and needed a miracle to win last night. Had they lost both games, I suspect big changes would be coming. So why not just make those changes anyways?

At least the Leafs didn't dress Ryan Reaves, but they did put Matthew Kniews back on the first line, which we immediately saw why they stopped doing that.

This team played like pure garbage last night, and they looked exactly like a team that recently blew five leads in a row (technically, thanks to the miracle of video review for extremely stupid reasons, they only blew a lead in four straight games, but you get the point).


Next up, the Jets again, but hopefully a trade or coaching change first because this type of play cannot be acceptable.