The Soon To Be NHL All-Star the Leafs Should Consider Adding

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Cam Talbot is soon to be headed to the NHL All-Star Game in Toronto, and he may be a short-term answer for the Maple Leafs in net.

Now, to be clear, I don't think Talbot is an answer as a long-term starting option for Toronto, but he may be a very sensible veteran option as a 1B for the Maple Leafs.

As much flack the Leafs have gotten the past few seasons for their 1A/1B approach, unless Woll has a late-season surge that shows he can fully handle the grind of being a full time NHL starter, there is an argument for a veteran like Talbot to share the crease with until Toronto has confidence in it's goalie situation.

Talbot is making $1M until the end of the year, a potential trade deadline add, or a free agent signing for next season.

Having a rebound season for the Los Angeles Kings, Talbot currently has a 14-11-5 record on the year for the Kings, with a 2.44GAA and a .915 save %, although he's been in a rough patch as of recent, having only won 1 of his last 10 games as of the time of this article. (

There's good and bad to Talbot, both sides having arguments for and against Talbot, although what may come down to it is cost, what the price is for an All-Star, albeit, one dealing with a recent bout of consistency issues, although a clear NHL goalie.

Whether for this season or next, Talbot is a potential add that makes sense for a Toronto team needing a solid tandem.

Here's reasons for and against the potential add of Cam Talbot for the Toronto Maple Leafs.