23 Options for the Toronto Maple Leafs at the 2024 NHL Entry Draft - Jett Luchanko

Guelph Storm Center Jett Luchanko (#7) v the Oshawa Generals
Guelph Storm Center Jett Luchanko (#7) v the Oshawa Generals / Chris Tanouye/GettyImages
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In my estimation, Luchanko projects to a middle-six center, but his smaller frame may end up moving him onto the wing.

Luchanko doesn't have the size GM's desire in a center, but he does show the energy to potentially stay there, most likely as a 3C, but he'd need to put on some muscle.

Luchanko has quietly been one of my favorites this year, especially from late 2023 when I really felt his emergence take off. Scouts have taken notice of his ability to produce offense in both the OHL and internationally.

He doesn't showcase his shooting ability much, which probably limits his upside a tad, but he has the potential be a very strong complimentary piece if he has a partner who can finish plays, or if Luchanko can end up finding more chances to get the back of the net. I believe his shooting will come but unsure if he'll manage to be a consistent sniper in the NHL. IIf so, I could envision a peak of 60-65 points.

Unlike some other players under 6 feet, Luchanko has the mobility and playmaking talent to overcome any concerns about translatability. When you have a player who's on the smaller end, you're looking for someone that stands out that can make yourself valuable. Luchankos ability to create effective offensive changes is highly intriguing.

EIL's Nicolas Ferrari had this to say in a previous article about Luchanko.

"Jett possesses the unique ability to create plays seemingly out of nowhere by dishing quick passes and setting up multiple chances within one shift. His playmaking ability reminded me a lot of a certain Leaf wearing number 16."