The Weirdest Most Outrageous Toronto Maple Leafs Items Ever Made

Toronto Maple Leafs branded items come in some of the strangest forms.(Christamore Mm 008)
Toronto Maple Leafs branded items come in some of the strangest forms.(Christamore Mm 008) /
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Toronto Maple Leafs
A donut decorated in white and blue with the Toronto Maple Leafs logo in the center. The hockey team was the best from Canada in the NHL. (Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

The Jack O’Helmet Inflatable

Some people love the Maple Leafs so much they want to show it even when celebrating something completely unrelated to hockey. That’s why the Jack O’Helmet Inflatable hit the market.

This is an inflatable pumpkin perfect for an outdoor display during Halloween. However, this inflatable has a small twist, it’s wearing a Maple Leafs branded helmet. This product finally gives Halloween enthusiasts an answer as to why jack o’ lanterns are missing so many teeth.

Toronto Maple Leafs Toasters

Breakfast lovers and Leafs fans unite! You can now toast your morning bread with a Maple Leafs toaster that imprints the team’s logo onto each slice. It’s a surefire way to start your day with a burst of team spirit and perhaps a little extra crunch.

This absurd toaster has just one special feature, burning a logo into the user’s bread.

The reviews for the product are mostly positive but there are some who aren’t so pleased with their purchase. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “this toaster is horrible, doesn’t fit a standard slice of white bread and logo is burnt while rest of bread isn’t even toasted. I should have returned this product after the first use but I didn’t have the box!”

Many Different Toronto Maple Leafs Themed Food

There have different edible versions of Maple Leafs products. There are lollipops, Pez candies, chocolate bars, and candy canes. There have also been M&Ms crossover products that were available for purchase by the public.

What appears to be most popular are Leafs baked goods. Many have made their own cakes and cupcakes. Tim Hortons even sold Maple Leafs donuts for a short time.

Toronto Maple Leafs LED Car Light

What we’ve seen so far is a myriad products that no one has ever needed. This final one, while functional, isn’t really practical.

The Maple Leafs are selling a spotlight of their logo that gets displayed each time the car door is opened. Imagine a bat signal for your car, but instead of it signalling for a caped crusader, it demonstrates the car owner’s level of fandom.

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Toronto Maple Leafs fans are undoubtedly some of the most dedicated in the world of sports. Their collection of weird and outrageous memorabilia demonstrates the depth of their love for the team. These unique and wonderful items serve as a love note to the Maple Leafs, for whom they will always care deeply.