The Weirdest Most Outrageous Toronto Maple Leafs Items Ever Made

Toronto Maple Leafs branded items come in some of the strangest forms.(Christamore Mm 008)
Toronto Maple Leafs branded items come in some of the strangest forms.(Christamore Mm 008) /
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Toronto Maple Leafs
A handmade voodoo doll being made with a single thread of cotton and miscellaneous accessories. (Photo by Thierry Falise/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Toronto Maple Leafs Voodoo Dolls

Haven’t the Toronto Maple Leafs had it hard enough. Do we really need to add another layer of difficulty in their Stanley Cup pursuits? This after all is a team that has had multiple curses placed on it.

The last thing the Leafs need are voodoo dolls to further impede their progress. Unfortunately, no one asked the organization and these dolls have been made and can even be purchased.

Fans often resort to various rituals, charms, and superstitions to influence the outcome of their favorite team’s games. These rituals can range from wearing lucky jerseys to consuming certain foods before a game. The idea of voodoo dolls could be seen as an extension of these practices.

Hockey fans and Leafs haters may poke pins into the crudely sewn Maple Leafs-themed dolls in jest. They may have believed that it could somehow transfer their frustrations onto the team’s on-ice performance. This is, of course, a playful and symbolic act rather than a genuine belief in voodoo magic, at least one would hope that this is all just playful fun.

The existence of Maple Leafs voodoo dolls is more of a humorous and imaginative aspect of sports fandom. It illustrates the lengths to which fans would go to show their passion and dedication to their team. While most products on this list are perfect for Leafs fans, this one is for their detractors.

In 2013, Madame Gypsy’s Voodoo Dolls took things a step too far when they began selling Maple Leafs voodoo dolls for the low price of $7 each. While the dolls may not have any mystical powers, they may help fans of other franchises feel comfort when they watched their favourite team play against the Buds.

There may not be anything more terrifying and ridiculous as these voodoo dolls.