Auston Matthews Will be in Toronto Maple Leafs Top 5 All-Time

The Toronto Maple Leafs have superstar forward Auston Matthews for a minimum of two more seasons after this one.

He is currently sitting in 15th place all-time on the Toronto Maple Leafs all-time points list with 453 points. By the end of this season, Matthews could pass both Tim Horton (458) and Lanny McDonald (459) on that list.

Matthews has reached 100+ points this season for the first time in his career. The great thing for him and the  Leafs, is that he’s only scratching the surface. With another possible 100+ point season next year, Matthews will move into Toronto’s top ten.

Earlier this season, Matthews passed Rick Vaive’s franchise record for goals in a season. Next season, Matthews could surpass Vaive’s 537 points to move into 10th place all-time. He is currently 84 points behind Vaive on the all-time list.

Matthews is 107 points behind Ted Kennedy (9th) and 110 points behind Bob Pulford (8th). Depending on how many points he finishes with this season, passing both of those players is not out of the question next season.

Matthews Rapidly Climbing Toronto Maple Leafs All-Time Points List

It is safe to say that Matthews will be in the Toronto Maple Leafs’ top ten by the end of his current contract. Making the top five during that time would be a stretch. Matthews is currently 187 points away from tying Ron Ellis (640 points) for 6th place all-time.

Matthews has six more games left this season and two more 82 game seasons to record the 188 points needed to pass Ellis. He is currently playing at 1.45 points per game pace. Using that stat and applying it to a full 82 games means Matthews is estimated to record 118 points next season. Multiply that by two, and Matthews will record roughly 236 points over his next two seasons.

Those 236 estimated points plus however many more points he records this season could see him reach 700 points with the Toronto Maple Leafs by the end of his contract. Seeing as how 5th place on the all-time list belongs to George Armstrong with 713 points, reaching the top five is not entirely out of the question for Matthews.

New Contract With Toronto Maple Leafs Would Put Matthews in the Hunt for 1st All-Time

If Matthews signs a contract extension (5-8 years) by the end of the 2023-24 season to remain with the Maple Leafs, he will be in the hunt to become Toronto’s highest points producer in team history.

First place on Toronto’s all-time points list belongs to Mats Sundin with 987 points. If Matthews remains in Toronto for the next 7-10 years, passing Sundin is likely. He could become the first Toronto Maple Leafs player to reach 1,000 points and cement himself at the top of the all-time list.

The sky is the limit for Matthews, and Toronto fans can only hope that he will remain with the team for a long time. If he doesn’t re-sign with Toronto, the focus will turn to Mitch Marner. He is currently only one point behind Matthews on the all-time list. Matthews’ wing-man is signed for one season longer than Matthews. His contract will expire at the end of the 2024-25 season.

I, for one hope that Toronto can re-sign Matthews long term. Watching him chase the first overall spot for points in team history would be amazing to watch. The same can be said for Mitch Marner. If both players are here for the long term, they could become the top two in team history.