10 Ways to Get Your Toronto Maple Leafs Fix While There’s No Hockey

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JUNE 19: Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs speaks after being revealed as the cover athlete for EA Sports’ “NHL 20”   June 19, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Coronavirus Covid-19 has forced the NHL to suspend the season. Since there are no Toronto Maple Leafs games, we’ve got you covered with ten alternatives.

The world has been flipped upside down and hockey fans everywhere are being asked to practice social distancing. This has not just meant that people are currently in self-quarantines but that the Toronto Maple Leafs will not be playing any game for a while.

Die-hard fans who’ve already played the Ultimate Maple Leafs Trivia can still get their blue and white fix by following this list.

Hope you enjoy!

10. Play NHL Video Games

There have been a lot of great hockey video games over the years. NHL 2K by 2K sports may be the most popular of them all but now is the time to find your favorite game blow off the dust and pop it into your system.

It might be difficult to find that old Sega Genesis to play NHL95 again but if you’re stuck at home for 14 days, it’s worth the time investment.

Social media is full of people now using their NHL 2K to simulate the remainder of the season and playoffs. The best way to do this, of course, is to run the simulation over and over until you like the outcome.

Finally, there’s a way to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup.

9. Watch Old Games

If watching electronic versions of hockey isn’t your thing then maybe it’s time to go to the NHL vault.

Look back on previous games to see legends of Leafs past.

Don’t miss the chance to see the Brains of the Leafs Defense or even the time Bobby Orr played for Toronto.

Unfortunately, finding very old footage is very difficult. However, there are still many great moments to watch back and enjoy.

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