What Should the Toronto Maple Leafs Do With Their RFAs?

Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins
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Alex Steeves

Since signing his ELC, Steeves has been one of the Toronto Marlies’ top scorers.

However, his scoring prowess has only resulted in seven total NHL games over the past three seasons as a call-up option. He has been surpassed on the depth chart by multiple players and has never really come close to cracking a full-time roster spot.

At 24, time is seemingly starting to run out on his NHL aspirations. He seems likely to move on when his contract expires and try his luck with another organization to become an everyday NHLer. It’s not inconceivable though that he sticks around one more year and could gain a new coaches good graces as a depth option.

Max Ellis

Ellis was an undersized winger (5-9, 172lbs) who the Maple Leafs signed as a free agent from the University of Notre Dame.

After signing a two-year entry-level contract in 2022, Ellis has struggled to find a consistent spot with the Marlies through injuries and spotty production.

He impressed in the Leafs’ pre-season games last year and in the early goings of the season producing six points in the first eight games to start the year. 

Unfortunately, he finished the season by only scoring eight more points through the final 28 games he played. In total, he finishes his ELC with 14 goals and 34 points over 87 games.

The undersized winger likely moves on to another organization on a minor league contract or he could opt to take his talents to Europe.