Unmasking the Toronto Maple Leafs as Professional Cat Burglars

Unmasking the Toronto Maple Leafs as Professional Cat Burglars
Unmasking the Toronto Maple Leafs as Professional Cat Burglars / Eric Thayer/GettyImages
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At some point early in life, inevitably, the question is asked to everyone what they want to be when they grow up. Presumably, after each of the Toronto Maple Leafs said, "professional hockey player", they were then supported to chase and achieve that dream. Most kids don't profess to become renowned thieves, though some may have just missed their calling.

If the Toronto Maple Leafs hadn't chosen lacing up skates for a living, they each have the skills to have become the world's best gang of cat burglars.

Since everyone loves heist movies,  its fun to imagine  the Leafs players might be snatching Monet's and and swapping out priceless gems if they weren't playing hockey. With their skills and cunning intellect, they would make the world's best gang of high-end cat burglars. It's a good thing for everyone with valuables that hockey worked out for them.

For the first time, we'll uncover which Leafs player would make the best cat burglar, and of course, which one would probably fumble their way into the nearest local prison.

The Toronto Maple Leafs Bosses

The Backer: John "Money Bags" Tavares

If he wasn't the captain of the Maple Leafs, John Tavares would be putting his leadership skills to use, organizing teams for very high risk jobs. That takes both a great deal of planning and money. Everyone needs to know their role and equipping them with specialized tools and disguises isn't cheap.

Mastermind: Auston "Smooth Operator" Matthews

Every great heist needs a mastermind. Best of all, Auston Matthews isn't just able to oversee a big job, but roll up his sleeves and participate too.

If there's one player who could seamlessly slip through laser beams and avoid the gaze of security cameras, it's Matthews. With his silky-smooth moves on the ice, it's not a stretch to imagine him executing a heist with the grace of a feline prowler. The way he dekes through defenders could easily translate to dodging security systems. Plus, with that mustache, he's got a built-in disguise to be a world-class cat burglar.

There are heavy hitters on the Toronto Maple Leafs who can be counted on when things get hairy, whether it's on the ice or on a job.