Toronto Maple Leafs Win vs Blues Shows a Better Way Forward

Toronto Maple Leafs v Seattle Kraken
Toronto Maple Leafs v Seattle Kraken / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Despite the absence of key players John Tavares and Mitch Marner, the Toronto Maple Leafs delivered an impressive performance on Tuesday night, securing a 4-1 victory against the St. Louis Blues on home ice.

While this level of play may not be sustainable throughout the entirety of an 82-game schedule, the Toronto Maple Leafs showcased their resilience and adaptability, demonstrating what life is like without Tavares and Marner by executing a near-flawless game plan.

Defensively, they stifled their opponents, allowing a mere 15 shots on goal, and Bobby McMann emerged as an unexpected hero with a hat-trick.

This type of performance is precisely what Toronto needs for a successful Stanley Cup run.

The team displayed a balanced effort throughout the game, exemplifying the importance of depth and versatility. Despite the absence of Marner and Tavares, star player Auston Matthews surprisingly played below his average time on ice at 19:34, highlighting the effective utilization of the entire lineup by coach Sheldon Keefe.

The Toronto Maple Leafs Play Great Without Marner & Tavares

Rather than relying solely on their top scorers, the Leafs effectively deployed all four lines, resulting in standout performances from players such as Max Domi, Tyler Bertuzzi, and Nick Robertson, who stepped up in expanded roles.

While the absence of Tavares and Marner, who have collectively contributed 37 goals and 97 points, is significant, reallocating their $21 million in cap space could drastically improve the team's overall roster, particularly in bolstering goaltending and defensive positions.

Despite recently committing to long-term extensions for William Nylander and Auston Matthews, the Leafs face impending contract negotiations with Tavares and Marner, adding complexity to their salary cap management. While both players have been integral to the team's success, the potential flexibility afforded by reallocating their cap space presents intriguing opportunities for strengthening the roster.

Tuesday night's victory underscored the importance of balance in the team's performance. While the top line contributed with Nylander finding the net, it was the depth players who provided the bulk of the offensive production, highlighting the necessity of diversified scoring options. Recognizing that relying solely on a handful of star players is unsustainable, continuing to balance and diversify the lineup will be crucial for sustained success.

With a top-six lineup featuring talents like Auston Matthews, William Nylander, Matthew Knies, Nick Robertson, and Tyler Bertuzzi, the Leafs possess considerable offensive firepower. By reallocating the cap space previously occupied by Tavares and Marner, the team could bolster its defensive core and secure a reliable goaltender, addressing critical areas of need.


While it may seem unconventional to suggest that the Leafs are better off without Tavares and Marner, Tuesday night's performance suggests otherwise. The team's ability to thrive in their absence indicates a depth and resilience that bodes well for their future prospects.