Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Targets from the Central Division

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Welcome to part three of my Toronto Maple Leafs trade targets series.

I have been looking at how the Leafs can upgrade their roster before the NHL trade deadline.

There are some weaknesses that need fixing, but does Leafs general manager Brad Treliving have the right assets to make the necessary upgrades? I believe he does, but should he spend them on a rental or try to get a player with more term? I, for one, would not like to see the Leafs spend a 1st round pick or a top prospect on a rental.

The Leafs need help on defense, in goal, down the middle, and on the left side. They probably need defense the most, but the roster has several holes to fill if they are to compete for the Stanley Cup.

The Leafs have several assets but other than the obvious ones they clearly wouldn't want to move - Woll and Knies - they might lack the firepower to compete with other buyers for the best players available.

This article will focus on teams considered to be sellers or potential sellers in the Central Division. Let's take a look at possible trade targets for the Leafs.