Toronto Maple Leafs Should Re-Sign These 5 Free Agents

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Tyler Bertuzzi

Tyler Bertuzzi's season started slow but has been much better in the second half. He has 16 goals and 19 assists for 35 points in 69 games. There's still enough time for him to reach 20 goals and 40+ points by the end of the regular season.

Those are not quite the numbers the Leafs were hoping for, but they are in line with his average stats from his time with the Detroit Red Wings.

In the three seasons where he played more than 60 games for the Red Wings, Bertuzzi had 47 points (2018-19), 48 points (2019-20), and 62 points (2021-22).

He then recorded 30 points in 50 games last season, split between the Red Wings and Bruins. I'm sure many Leafs fans were hoping for the 62 points Bertuzzi, but the reality is, he is a 40-50 point player, and that's what we got.

Bertuzzi has only been to the playoffs once in his career, and it was last season with the Bruins. He recorded five goals and five assists for ten points in seven playoff games.

Had the Bruins made it out of the first round, it would have been interesting to see if that points pace continued. Now that he's with the Leafs, let's hope he produces similar numbers in this year's playoffs.

As for re-signing Bertuzzi, I would only want the Leafs to do it if the price is right. Before signing a one-year deal with the Leafs, it was reported that he was seeking a multi-year deal worth $7 million a season. I don't see the Leafs re-signing him for that much, but it could depend on how well he performs in the playoffs. I'd like the Leafs to try and sign him to a 3-4 year deal for about the same salary he's making this season ($5.5 million)