Toronto Maple Leafs Rumour: Could Team Land a New Goalie?

Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks
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The Toronto Maple Leafs are rumored to be interested in Calgary Flames goaltender Jacob Markstrom, but what's his asking price?

It makes a ton of sense that GM Brad Treliving would be interested in the goaltender he gave a long-term extension to when he was with the Calgary Flames, but can the Toronto Maple Leafs actually afford to acquire him?

From a salary-cap perspective, it shouldn't be an issue as the NHL announced that the cap is going up to $88M next season, but what would they have to give up?

The Leafs clearly aren't going to include Marner in a package for an ancient goalie, and likely, not for any goalie given how unpredictable every one of their performances is.

Toronto Maple Leafs Rumour: Could Team Land a New Goalie?

If you're the Leafs, you just can't go into next season with Joseph Woll as your only option.

Despite playing at a high-level and deserving a look at the number-one position, his health is a serious concern. He plays well in big moments, but as shown by his absence during Game 7 of the First Round this year, he just can't stay healthy.

Since Woll can't stay healthy, the Leafs need to get a goalie, there is no question. The only question they have is should they go for a high-end star goalie like Markstrom or Saros, or go the easier and lower-risk route and get a tandem partner for Woll?

Trading Marner is something the Leafs might end up doing, but no matter what, they won't be doing it for a goalie. Markstrom is going to cost a little bit, but he's 34 and signed for two more years. His contract will bring his value down, and besides, goalies don't usually fetch very much in trades.

In recent years Markstrom's performance has been up and down. In 2020 he had a .918 save percentage, and in 2022 he had an even better .922. However, in 2021 he was .904 and last year he was just .905.

In 2023 he has an .893 after an absolutely horrendous season. At his age, Markstrom is a huge risk.

Other teams will be after Markstrom, so the Leafs may have to set their sights elsewhere, as he's not even the best goalie thought to be available. Jusse Saros is another option, as is former Blues Coach Craig Berube's former goalie Jordan Binnington.


It will be interesting to see what the Leafs do.