Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season+ Playoff Grades

Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season Grades
Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season Grades / Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports
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Pontus Holmberg Grade: B

Holmberg was in his second season with the Leafs, last year he played in 37 games, but got into 54 games this season. Much like Knies, I am not to concerned with Holmberg's offensive production considering he ranked in the top 13 percent of forwards in defensive wins-above-replacement (WAR).

Holmberg is the prototypical third-line center every coach loves. He ranked in the top seven percent of forwards in forecheck involvement while being positionally sound on the defensive end. Holmberg drew more penalties than he took and took the puck away more than he gave it away.

Right now, he is a little raw offensively, but with more NHL experience I expect that to improve as well. The Maple Leafs are going to be very lucky to have this guy for only $800,000 next season. Still, while it's not his fault, he was a massive downgrade from having Ryan O'Reilly at 3C.

David Kamph Grade: D-

I know Kamph only makes $2.4 million dollars and plays on the fourth line, but he had his worst season with the Maple Leafs yet. McMann, Robertson, Jarnkrok, Holmberg and Knies were all more effective than Kamph was this year while making less money.

Kamph ranked in the bottom 13 percent of forwards in offensive WAR and in the bottom 50 percent in defensive WAR. On the year he had the third worst goal share percentage and the worst high-danger chance share at five-on-five on the Maple Leafs.

You'd like to be able to rely on your fourth line defensively at the very least, but Sheldon Keefe could not do that, and Kamph was a big part of that playing the biggest role on that fourth line as the Center. As the most expensive 4th liner in the NHL it's hard to justify his role on the team.

Ryan Reaves Grade: F

Reaves is quite literally useless, he was on the ice for the most five-on-five goals against per 60 minutes and had the worst on-ice goal share percentage on the Maple Leafs. Reaves also averaged the second-lowest points per 60 minutes on this team. Sure he hits people, but I will go to the grave saying hits are the most useless stat in hockey. All Reaves did this year was take minutes from younger guys with a lot higher potential.

He also caused the first goal against in two of the Leafs four playoff losses.