Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season+ Playoff Grades

Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season Grades
Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season Grades / Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports
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Joel Edmundson Grade: F

On the surface, Edmunson's numbers look good if you only look at his goal share while on the ice for the Maple Leafs, but I think this can be more attributed to the goaltenders playing well when he was on the ice rather than Edmundson's ability to prevent chances.

I say this because, in his nine regular-season games with the Maple Leafs, he averaged the second-most expected goals against per 60 minutes, next to John Klingberg. While he was on the ice, Maple Leafs goalies saved 2.85 goals above expected per 60 minutes.

Edmundson struggled to get the puck out of his own end having corsi, fenwick, shot on goal and scoring chance percentages all at 50% or below while also giving the puck away 2.30 more times than he took it away per 60 minutes.

In addition to all of that, Edmundson also found himself in a penalty-kill role after joining the team, which he was laughably bad at. On average, he was on the ice for four more goals per 60 minutes on the penalty kill than any other Leaf defensemen.

Worst of all, in the playoffs he kept finding himself with the puck during key moments of the game in the offensive zone. Had literally anyone else been there to take those chances, the Leafs would likely still be playing.

Ilya Samsonov Grade: D

What a roller coaster ride it was watching Ilya Samsonov this season.

He went from being the worst goalie in the NHL up until he was put on waivers. But he came back to the NHL at the start of Feburary and closed the season on a 15-4-2 record after being recalled.

But despite his recovery, Samsonov finished with the worst goals-against-average and save percentage of his career. Despite his late season recovery, I can't justify a grade higher than this considering how bad he was for majority of the season and the first four games of the playoffs.