Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season+ Playoff Grades

Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season Grades
Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season Grades / Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports
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Timothy Liljegren Grade: B+

Liljegren was a bit tougher to grade as he could be wildly inconsistent at times and I thought he was being underused early in the season. Despite these two things, Liljegren ended up having a great year.

He ranked in the top 15 percent of defensemen in offensive WAR while tying his career high in points and also ranked in the top 29 percent of defensemen in defensive WAR.

Liljegren really excelled at moving the puck up the ice to create offensive zone chances while also being very good at preventing chances off the rush on the defensive side.

But despite being good a preventing chances off of the rush, Liljegren gave up the blue line far to often allowing opponents clean entries into the offensive end, if he can improve in this area I see zero reason why Liljegren can't play a top-four role next season.

T.J Brodie Grade: F

Looking back on this year, Brodie's best days are behind him. He ranked below the league average in both offensive and defensive WAR.

The one bright spot in Brodie's game this season was his denial rate when opponents tried to answer the defensive zone. However, when an opponent got past the blueline with possession Brodie stunk at preventing chances off the rush and in addition to that, when he did force a dump-in he was even worse going back to retrieve the puck as he ranked in the bottom 12% of defensemen in retrival success.

All I can say is thank goodness his contract is over. Brodie may have been one of the most overpaid players in hockey this season.