Toronto Maple Leafs Must Be Joking: Press Conference a Total Disgrace

Jun 1, 2023; Toronto, Ontario, CANADA; Toronto Maple Leafs new general manager Brad Treliving is
Jun 1, 2023; Toronto, Ontario, CANADA; Toronto Maple Leafs new general manager Brad Treliving is / Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
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Keefe Is a Scapegoat

First, while I don't love Keefe and I do agree that maybe a new voice is needed, let's not mince words here: The GM had a horrible first season.

The team's 5 x stars (injured or not) all had a horrible series against the Bruins. The depth players didn't step up. There are literally two people in the entire organization that exceeded expectations over the last three weeks: Sheldon Keefe and Joseph Woll.

Keefe was fired, but a 1 for 23 power-play is not on him, just look at the personnel on that power-play. Keefe got the Leafs to 8th overall despite the 24th best goaltending. He coached back from a 3-1 deficit. He got the most out of a poorly balanced roster and did what he could.

And he takes the blame. It's unfair and it's dumb. He didn't waste $20 million last off-season, he didn't give out No Movement Clauses to players with no leverage. He didn't build a blue-line that was completely incompatable with the forwards on the team.

He didn't change his 3rd line cetnre from Ryan O'Reilly to Pontus Holmberg. He couldn't embarass the guy who signed Ryan Reaves to a 3-year contract, so he had to play Reaves, only for him to be respoinsible for the Leafs going down 1-0 in half the playoff games they lost.

So Keefe is out and Shanahan and Treliving are staying. Two barely competant hockey-guys with no clue and no plan. The Leafs have no identity. They are stuck halfway between being a high-flying offensive team and a cliched playoff griding team that wins 2-1. They end up being bad at both.

These guys sat out the trade deadline in what is most likely the peak of Auston Matthews career. For sure it's one of his few prime seasons.

They keep thinking over and over that they can win without a #1 goalie or a #1defenseman. Their problem isn't really "the Core Four" or how they spend their salary cap. You could win the way they have run their team, you just need an elite defenseman and an elite goalie.

That has been obvious for years.

Keith Pelley had a chance to just wipe the slate clean. He didn't. We got a bunch of BS not one single person believed and now we get to watch as Shanahan and Treliving have one season to win or else...

But guess what that means? They hire a coach who the next regime gets stuck with. We spend the next year constantly talking about their eventual replacements. Everything they do this summer, and next season will be seen as temporary unless they win the Cup, which they can't do until next year at the earliest so it's going to be one long and crazy season.

The Toronto Maple Leafs had a chance to clean house and start over fresh. The biggest factor is probably that the new regime wouldn't feel a ton of pressure to trade away Mitch Marner at pennies on the dollar.


But it's been a week of near-constant stupidity. The Toronto Maple Leafs are actualy in fine shape if you can ignore all the losing. Auston Matthews is signed long-term and he's already the best player in franchise history.