Toronto Maple Leafs Add Joel Edmundson But It's Not Enough

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The Toronto Maple Leafs still need to make an upgrade or two before the NHL trade deadline on Friday.

Can Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brad Treliving make a big push to land the helpful pieces his team needs?

Hopefully, the answer is yes because adding Ilya Lyubushkin and Joel Edmunson is not enough.

The Leafs Need More

The Toronto Maple Leafs adding a couple of depth defenseman is nice, but it won't fix all their problems. Treliving should try to add a higher class of defenseman and make an upgrade over David Kampf.

I would count the deadline as a success for Treliving if he can deliver those things. However, the end goal is to win the Stanley Cup. So, no matter how well Treliving does at the trade deadline, the season is a failure without the cup.

The Leafs are linked to almost every player available as the trade deadline approaches. The list of players changes every day, but the Leafs always appear to be in the mix. I hope Treliving can acquire the right players to help the Leafs have a deep playoff run. He may find it difficult to land the player he wants, as he is reportedly telling other teams that Matthew Knies, Easton Cowan, and Fraser Minten are not available.

Here is my final look at which three defensemen the Leafs should try to acquire before the 3:00 pm trade deadline on Friday. I believe that the Leafs greatest need is their defense. Hopefully, Treliving will be able to acquire one of these defensemen.