Toronto Maple Leafs 2024 Trade Deadline Targets: Goaltenders

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The first installment of the Toronto Maple Leafs 2024 Trade Deadline Targets is going to start from the net out, I will be focusing on three goaltenders that the Leafs should target should they choose to acquire a goaltender.

Last week, I wrote about the Toronto Maple Leafs deadline needs and although I wasn't sure that they should trade for a netminder, it is best to cover all the bases and take a look regardless.

This position might be the most vital for any team, it can sink or swim your season and with the many struggles that Toronto has had between the pipes in 2023-24 and before, the option of trading for a goaltender should not be taken off the table.

Currently, the Leafs goaltending picture is a little bit uncertain.

Toronto Maple Leafs 2024 Trade Deadline Targets: Goaltenders

Joseph Woll is set to return anytime soon and it's hard to guess where his play will be down the stretch, especially with a high ankle sprain and being off for nearly three months. Although, the early signs are positive as he stopped 36 of 37 shots with the Toronto Marlies on a conditioning stint, it would be tough to place a major workload on him so soon after a serious injury.

The other half of the Maple Leafs goalie duo is Ilya Samsonov, who despite being arguably the worst goaltender for the first half of the season, has turned his play around over the past month or so.

It's no surprise that the confidence in him is shaky heading into the playoffs and regardless of his recent play, it could be enough to warrant a fresh face.

Beyond those two, there are not many options internally to turn to if things go south. Martin Jones stepped up admirably in the face of Woll's injury and Samsonov's poor play but has shown his limitations, only posting an above .900 save percentage in two out of his last eight starts.

Beyond him there are only question marks with Dennis Hildeby, Vyacheslav Peksa, and Keith Petruzzelli having zero NHL games of experience between them.