Toronto Maple Leafs 2024 Trade Deadline Targets at Forward

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Morgan Frost

If Frost does happen to be available, the Leafs have to pounce on him. He is only 24, currently under contract for another season at only $2.1 million. Even if Frost caps out at his current pace of production, he should be a solid 50 point middle-six center. He is also capable at both ends of the ice, making him a perfect player to supplement the core. If he is able to play alongside Nylander going forward, he may even see progression in the offensive production making him even more valuable. 

The only real fear is that he has yet to prove himself against top-six competition, which could force the Leafs to shelter him a bit. The potential is there nonetheless. The price will be high no doubt but he could prove to be very worth it.

Reilly Smith

If the Penguins are serious about selling, Reilly Smith could be a useful addition to the Maple Leafs. He has the Stanley cup pedigree and a solid track record of performing in the playoffs with 79 points in 106 games played over his career.

He would immediately fill in as a solid middle-six winger with a sound 200-foot game. He would help the Leafs by providing adept secondary offense and shoring up team defense at 5v5. His contract is a little high at $5 million for another year after this but with retention, likely from a third party, he would be a great addition to the forward group.

He will not be cheap by any means but he is one of a few players that would be worth a relatively high price tag. Although, him being a winger rather than a center makes him a little less of a fit for the Leafs.  (All Statistical information via and

Arthur Kaliyev

Kaliyev is a player with seemingly large amounts of untapped potential, he could benefit greatly from a change of scenery. He is currently stuck in a bottom-six role with the LA Kings, finding himself in the press box on many nights.

He is only one year removed from producing 28 points in 56 games as a sophomore, playing under 12 minutes a night. So far this season he has struggled to produce with only 14 points in 44 games but between his inconsistent playing time, there is no wonder why he cannot get in a groove. He provides very little in the way of defensive ability which is a big drawback but his potential alone makes him a very intriguing option. (All contract information via


I don’t like doing mock trades but if the Leafs can swing a Matt Roy and Arthur Kaliyev haul out of LA, it could be massive. Even if they don’t acquire Roy, if Kaliyev can be had, the Leafs could do much worse finding a depth scorer.