Toronto Maple Leafs 2024 Defensemen Trade Deadline Targets

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Jakob Chychrun (Least Desirable)

SImilarly to Hanifin, Chychrun finds himself in the less desirable category more for issues outside of his actual on-ice ability, though there are concerns.

Speaking of his on-ice ability, he would be the number one target at the deadline if he is truly being shopped around.

He posted good results with a Coyotes team that has been marred in controversy and turmoil. It is no different with the Senators now, but there are holes present in the 25-year-old blueliner's game.

He plays very little while shorthanded historically and has played less than 12 minutes all season there. He also does not always face top competition, which makes the large price tag accompanying him seem like an overpay and tacking his extensive injury history on top of all of this makes the prospect of acquiring him seem less than ideal.

He also would be traded from a divisional and provincial rival, making it less likely that the Sens would be open to doing business with the Leafs and even if they are, they will surely be asking for a premium.

Despite these concerns about his ability, he would be an interesting player to target for any team, the Maple Leafs included.

He has one more season left on his contract after this, with an affordable $4.6 million caphit. He would provide much needed depth to the blueline either on the first or second pair as he has the ability to play both sides.