Toronto Maple Leafs 2023-24 Newcomers' Expectations: Update

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Tyler Bertuzzi

Prediction: 70 points So far: 19 points

The Toronto Maple Leafs signed both Tyler Bertuzzi and Max Domi on the same day, drawing much excitement from the fanbase.

Bertuzzi was signed on July 2nd, to a one-year contract worth $5.5 million. As previously stated; many fans were excited by this news due to his performance and the grit he would bring.

Unfortunately, the results have yet to be fully realized for Bertuzzi.

I still believe that I wasn’t outlandish in this prediction. Although he almost certainly doesn’t hit 70 points, Bertuzzi has put up some impressive numbers over the last few seasons. So far this year he has 19 points in 42 games, which puts him on pace for 37.

It also should be noted that his play-driving numbers have been great this year and this should help his production bounce back in the second half. So far in the month of January, he has five points in only eight games. If this is a sign that he is turning things around, it could really push the Leafs more firmly into the playoffs. It would also make my prediction looks much better. 

Ryan Reaves

Prediction: 12 points, 45pims, four fights. So Far: 1 point, 16 Pims 2 Fights

I had very low expectations for Reaves entering this season. I also had low expectations for the organization because I assumed their $4 million-plus investment would be playing regularly. Fortunately for the team (unfortunately for my prediction) this has not been the case. At this point, he has only played 21 games and hasn’t suited up since December 14th. In the time he’s played this season he has two fights and one point and was ineffective on the fourth line. 

Selfishly, I would like the team to play Reaves more often so that my prediction will look better. However, I know that him not playing is a benefit to the club and their performance. Ultimately I am willing to take the fall and will continue to hope that the Toronto Maple Leafs don't have Reaves suiting up for them on a nightly basis.

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So far, my predictions for all four players haven't been great. I am optimistic that my Domi prediction will at least be close but at this point, I don't hold out much hope. If the Leafs are able to stay more consistent in the second-half of this season, it would not only greatly help my predictions but it would also greatly help the team overall.