This Toronto Maple Leafs Team Is Playoff Ready

This Maple Leafs team is better poised for the playoffs even if the regular season shows
Florida Panthers v Toronto Maple Leafs
Florida Panthers v Toronto Maple Leafs / Claus Andersen/GettyImages

The Toronto Maple Leafs are had a huge but nerve racking 6-4 win over the Florida Panthers on Monday with Auston Matthews getting his 61st and 62nd goals and it was a much needed win.

And even though the Toronto Maple Leafs followed that win up with a loss to Tampa on Wednesday, it was an excellent effort and the team is clearly playoff ready.

This Leafs team has been questionable at many points throughout the season whether it may be defense or goaltending or even behind the bench.

However, despite their problems, I think this team is built for the playoffs and that that is when we'll see the real version of the 2024 Toronto Maple Leafs.

This Toronto Maple Leafs Team Is Playoff Ready

It is no surprise that the Stanley Cup playoffs are a different style of hockey and this core has struggled in the past. The normally high flying offense on this team has often been shut down in the playoffs.

This year things feel different. This team feels like they might just be better come playoff time even if the regular season isn't going as well. Just look at the Panthers from last year who clinched the last spot and took that momentum all the way to the finals.

Then again, that may just be wishful thinking.

The Leafs still haven't officially clinched just yet but are guaranteed to make it.

In past years this team has cruised into the playoffs with not much to play for towards the end of the year, so perhaps the pressure the Lightning are putting on them now is a good thing.

This year the Leafs are still waiting and seeing who they play in the first round, whether it is Florida or Boston or New York or Carolina, they've got to be ready.

The Leafs are four points back of the Panthers with a game in hand and play them once more this year. Home ice advantage for that series is up for grabs and the Leafs are still in the chase to take that second spot in the Atlantic Division.

While this team is missing some key players due to injury such as Mitch Marner and Calle Jarnkrok the rest of the team has stepped up and the depth is playing some their best hockey of the season.

One more thing to consider is the fact that the game one roster is still not set in stone with a lot of spots up for grabs. Guys like Pontus Holmberg and Nick Robertson are playing for a shot in the playoffs and this motivation is driving the team forward. Like not knowing their opponent, I think this will help the team overall.

In terms of goaltending it is still a question, and that is not necessarily a bad thing

Ilya Samsonov has essentially turned back to prime form after looking horrible to start the season and with Joseph Woll being out for so long it looks like Sammy found his game. Having two goalies who can play at a high level while also having a guy like Martin Jones who can step up is a privilege not many teams can enjoy.


There is still so much left to play for and not that many games left and as this roster continues to get heathier and play meaningful games down the stretch they may be more ready to play than before.