These 4 Toronto Maple Leafs Trades Involving Mitch Marner Are Ridiculous

Boston Bruins v Toronto Maple Leafs - Game Six
Boston Bruins v Toronto Maple Leafs - Game Six / Claus Andersen/GettyImages
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Marner Trade No. 1: Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks acquire Mitch Marner in exchange for Oliver Moore, Kevin Korchinski and 2024 First Round Pick (No. 20 overall).

This is a joke, right?

This trade might help the Leafs, but it wouldn't be until 2028.

Both Moore and Korchinski are first-round picks, with a ton of upside, but they are not can't-miss potential superstars. This trade doesn't help the Leafs win now and this organization doesn't have any time to wait.

Auston Matthews Prime would be over before this trade panned out.

Moore is one of the fastest prospects in hockey, while Korchinski is an offensively gifted defenseman, who can help a team's power-play, but he still needs a few years to develop, like any young defenseman. There are a few exceptions of defensemen who can step in and make an impact right away, but Korchinski would most likely fall in Stanley Cup contending team's bottom-six, which isn't what Toronto needs right now.

In the grand scheme of things, this trade is a great example of why trading Mitch Marner is not possible.