The Toronto Maple Leafs Should Not Acquire a Goaltender at the Trade Deadline

The Leafs defense and keeping valuable assets are larger concerns than their goaltending.
Seattle Kraken v Toronto Maple Leafs
Seattle Kraken v Toronto Maple Leafs / Claus Andersen/GettyImages
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The Leafs Have Other Needs and Lack the Assets to Upgrade Their Goaltending

A larger concern for the Leafs is the state of their defense.

The decline of TJ Brodie means that he is overmatched on the top pairing. Rielly is great at what he does, but he can't defend. The depth of Benoit, Lagesson and Giordano is fine, but should any of those guys be starting in the playoffs?

The Leafs blue-line can't move the puck very well and need, more than anything, a puck-moving defender.

They also require a Luke Schenn-type to face the upcoming opponents they will see in the playoffs.

They have physical limitations on their back end to deal with the likes of Matthew Tkachuk, Sam Bennett, and Brad Marchand.

The Leafs also have a limited amount of valuable assets to trade. The third, fourth, or fifth-round picks are not going to acquire a goaltender that is any better than what they already have.

Those longing for Jusse Saros or Jacob Markstrom must be aware of the cost. The Leafs first-round pick in 2024 or 2026 would likely be a part of any package along with the talented ceilings and cost-control of prospects like Easton Cowan, Fraser Minten, and Nick Robertson.

Remember too, goaltending is a volatile position. Even the best at the position are not guaranteed success with new teams, especially trying to acclimate themselves to a new team deep in the season.