The Toronto Maple Leafs Need a Coaching Change

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The Toronto Maple Leafs may have a 21-12-8 record with 50 points, but they are struggling.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are at the halfway point of their season, and out of their 21 wins, only 13 have come in regulation.

That puts them 25th in the league in that category. In the company of the NHL's biggest losers.

The Leafs have proven that almost no lead is safe. Giving up a lead and then losing in regulation or overtime seems to be a recipe for disaster.

The Leafs need to find a way to win games in regulation, and it is up to the coach to help them figure it out. Sheldon Keefe may have signed a contract extension, but that doesn't guarantee his job is safe.

If Leafs general manager Brad Treliving decides the team needs a change, it's easier to fire one coach than 23 players. Yes, a lot of the blame should be directed at the players, but they are playing to the coach's system. If that system isn't working, maybe change is needed. A new voice and a new direction could be what the players need.

If it is indeed time for a coaching change, who should the next head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs be?

I'm sure there is no shortage of candidates to fill what should be a coveted job in the NHL. Now, some will point out Keefe's 187-83-38 record as a means to say he's a good coach, but any coach with these players can look good. Only one playoff series win is a glaring hole in Keefe's overall record. Here are a few options as to who could replace him.
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