The Toronto Maple Leafs Finally Healthy-Scratched T.J Brodie

Before, the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-3 loss on Tuesday night to the Philadelphia Flyers, Flyers Head Coach John Tortorella made a bold decision, making their Captain Sean Couturier a healthy scratch against the Maple Leafs. After seeing this, Toronto Maple Leafs Head Coach has tried to play copycat against the Washington Capitals.
Maple Leafs T.J Brodie Healthy Scratch vs. Washington Capitals
Maple Leafs T.J Brodie Healthy Scratch vs. Washington Capitals / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

The Toronto Maple Leafs finally scratched TJ Brodie after months of declining play.

Philadelphia Flyers Head Coach John Tortorella caught a lot of backlash after it was announced that he would be making Flyers Captain Sean Couturier a healthy scratch Tuesday night against the Toronto Maple Leafs, but this was hardly as controversial.

When asked about his decision, Tortorella said...

This was done to send a message. Couturier had been struggling himself, only scoring 1 goal in his last 27 games, but the Flyers were also struggling losing three of their last four games before the game against the Maple Leafs.

Whether or not you agree with Tortorella's decision, there is no debating that it got his desired outcome as the Flyers scored 19 seconds into the game and stormed out to a three-goal lead. Maple Leafs Head Coach Sheldon Keefe perhaps took notice and made a bold change to his lineup before Wednesday night's game against the Washington Capitals.

Toronto Maple Leafs Finally Scratch T.J Brodie

Although not as shocking as Tortorella scratching Couturier, who was recently named captain and who cannot be blamed for the Flyers many troubles, T.J Brodie is still played a lot, and in key roles, often leading the Leafs blue-line in ice-time.

Brodie had yet to be scratched this season or in any other season he has spent with the Maple Leafs and when asked about it, here is what Sheldon Keefe had to say...

Keefe used great language here trying to insinuate that this move was made to give Brodie a bit of a break, but there is way more to it than giving Brodie a break. On the year, among Maple Leafs defensemen that have played 100 minutes at five-on-five (excluding John Klingberg), Brodie...

- Is the worst in expected goal-for percentage.
- Is the worst in actual goal-for percentage.
- Is the only Maple Leafs defenseman with a scoring chance and a high-danger chance for percentage under 50%. (Stats via NaturalStatTrick).

Simply put, Brodie has been the Toronto Maple Leafs worst statistical defensemen all year, if it were not for his gradual decline from star player to whatever he now is, Brodie would have likely been in the press box months ago.


But Sheldon Keefe has finally seen the light, and will likely keep Brodie out of the lineup again after the Maple Leafs beat the Capitals 7-3 while only giving up 21 shots.