The Toronto Maple Leafs Best Options with the 23rd Pick

There is no shortage of players potentially available for the Leafs with the 23rd overall pick
Russia U20 Hockey team player, Igor Chernyshov (25)
Russia U20 Hockey team player, Igor Chernyshov (25) / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Jett Luchanko - Guelph -OHL

Luchanko is the closest thing this draft seems to have to an Easton Cowan. He's a highly creative puckhandler who does well consistently making plays. Strong vision and work ethic. He's a good character as well. Could potentially play on the wing as well. A bit small but the energy and skill make up for it. Don't doubt the NHL projection.

Sam O'Reilly - London -OHL

Another Cowan-like player, O'Reilly has more closeness than just stylistic, he also went from the GOJHL and came onto the draft scene as an offensive rookie with the London Knights. Playing alongside Cowan, O'Reilly bumped Cowan off from center and onto the wing. He's probably not Cowan, but it's easy to see the vision of him following the same path.

Michael Hage - Chicago - USHL

Hage struggled with a bit of consistency this season after missing a chunk of last year due to injury last year. He took a major step in the second half, transforming a Chicago team that struggled after losing Macklin Celebrini. When he's at his best, Hage looks like a player who could be on a team's second line. Strong character and work ethic. His two-way offense is very exciting.

Dean Letourneau - St. Andrew's - CAHS

Letourneau is obviously interesting. He's a 6'6 center with strong skating, not easy to have that sort of mobility and balance at that size. And he's dominated the high school circuit, but with a great team in St. Andrew's, which has constantly developed NCAA talent. Letourneau struggled a bit in the USHL in two games, but was out of position in minimal minutes. You'll have to trust whatever the Ontario scouts say in the room.

Sacha Boisvert - Muskegon - USHL

One of the hardest working players in this draft. Boisvert has a strong hockey sense and a natural feel for the game. Has a physical presence and some decent creative moments with the puck. Good off-puck game. Decision making with the puck isn't perfect and he needs to get a bit faster, two things teams have been able to improve on in their development system. Skating isn't the hindrance it was a few years ago, the coaches are getting better teaching it late.

Cole Beaudoin - Barrie - OHL

Highly projectable game. Beaudoin might be the most athletic player in this class. He's a gym rat who works hard both on and off the ice. Big-two way forward who's physical and intense. Does well contributing at all areas of the ice. Calm and collected with the puck. He's not flashy, but a reliable player. Skating isn't that strong and he isn't as creative as you'd like. I think he'll be a quiet favorite off a few teams.

Lucas Pettersson - Modo - SWE

Electric playmaker who's a bit on the lighter side, but benefits from great creativity and speed. Plays like a bullet and can just weave through players. Has shown some good offense looks he could get more of. He'll need to get stronger, he doesn't play like the biggest guy, but 10-15 more lbs could see him Pettersson succeed in a team's middle-six. Can play on the wing as well.