The Toronto Maple Leafs Best Options with the 23rd Pick

There is no shortage of players potentially available for the Leafs with the 23rd overall pick
Russia U20 Hockey team player, Igor Chernyshov (25)
Russia U20 Hockey team player, Igor Chernyshov (25) / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Igor Chernyshov - Dynamo Moscow - KHL

Review - Chernyshov is a tall, physical forward with a potential power game who can overpower opponents and matched the intnensity of the KHL game. He's a tough competitor who doesn't look all that far from NHL readiness. He didn't have a great season statisically for Dynamo Moscow, but he has the maturity and talent to make those numbers blossom with real minutes in Russia. Should be a potential bottom-six power winger if he's given the chance to.

Andrew Basha - Medicine Hat - WHL

Review - Andrew Basha was a top WHL player for Medicine Hat this season. He got overshadowed by his linemate Cayden Lindstrom, which would happen to just about anybody in this draft class. When Lindstrom injured his back in the midway point of the season, Basha jumped up to the task of replacing the production of his teammate, going from a complimentary asaset to Lindstrom to a driver in his own right. Should be able to handle the hustle of the middle-six. A good pick is he's still on the board.

Cole Eiserman - USA U18 - NTDP

I don't think Eiserman will be there at 23, but Toronto did meet with him so it's worth talking about. Eiserman has arguably the best shot in his game. He could be a realistic 40-50 goalscorer in the NHL. Beyond that, there's signs of a potential average playmaker and some defensive awareness. He's not very physical and the puck moving is a bit lacking. A bit seldom he's doing plays not to drive offense. Even then, 40 goals a season is still of value. I think he'll be gone around the lottery, perhaps as high as Seattle at 8 and as low as Buffalo at 14. St. Louis almost certainly takes him at 16 if he's there. Almost a no-brainer here.

Yegor Surin - Yaroslavl - RUS

Can play both Center and Wing, but likely a LW at the next level. His versatility will be something the team should logically like given they've targeted forwards in recent years who've been able to play multiple positions, like Easton Cowan, Fraser Minten & Nick Moldenhauer. Surin has the mean streak of recent signings in Domi and Bertuzzi. A small reach, but some high reward. Needs to mature his game a good bit.


Ryder Ritchie - Prince Albert - WHL

Injuries set back Ryder Ritchie's season a tad, but he rebounded in the end with a strong U18's tournament for the gold medal Canadians with Ritchie playing a large part. He's not the biggest player, but Ritchie is a skilled offensive player with good self-creation. He'll need to take a big step next season, however.

Liam Greentree - Windsor - OHL

Greentree is another player who may not be in Toronto's range at 23, but he has the offensive skill to be a great pickup if he is. One of the highest bets to come out of his draft as a top-six player. Plays an effective power forward game and managed to make an impact even when his team was struggling, a lot. Skating needs some big improvements, however.

Emil Hemming - TPS - FIN

Hemming didn't get the best chance to showcase himself playing most of the season in the Finnish men's league, LIIGA, which isn't the friendliest to players his age, but Hemming is a very creative forward with two-way potential and strong finishing. Looked the part as a complete option at the U18's. Second line two-way forward at his peak.