The Toronto Maple Leafs Aren't Good Enough to Scratch Nick Robertson

In fact, scratching him is one of the dumbest things an NHL team has ever done. Ever. It is completely inexcusable and indefensible at this point.
Toronto Maple Leafs v St Louis Blues
Toronto Maple Leafs v St Louis Blues / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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Final Argument

What are the Leafs thinking?

Their best feature is scoring, and they regularly scratch one of their best scorers. Their biggest problem is a weaker-than-it-should-be power-play, and they don't even use their second best scorer, who has an ELITE NHL SHOT.

Of the players they play ahead of Robertson - Dewar, Reaves, Kampf, Domi, McMann, Holmberg and Jarnkrok - exactly zero of them have his game-breaking ability.

There is no single move that Sheldon Keefe could make that would have a bigger impact than putting Nick Robertson on the power-play.

And If there is, it's just giving him a regular shift at 5v5.

The Toronto Maple Leafs shouldn't be scratching Nick Robertson. There are at least six players on the roster he should play ahead of, probably more. He wouldn't sit on any other team in the NHL, and he shouldn't sit on this one.

At this point, scatching Nick Robertson is the same as the Toronto Blue Jays scratching David Schnieder - nonsensical to the point of embarassment.

I have had enough of this galaxy-brained non-sense. The Toronto Maple Leafs have no reason to scratch Robertson, and every time they do they look like a bunch of amateurs who have no clue how to run a hockey team.


Just play the kid already, he's more than earned it.