The Toronto Maple Leafs Aren't Good Enough to Scratch Nick Robertson

In fact, scratching him is one of the dumbest things an NHL team has ever done. Ever. It is completely inexcusable and indefensible at this point.
Toronto Maple Leafs v St Louis Blues
Toronto Maple Leafs v St Louis Blues / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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The Toronto Maple Leafs are a team that has over-acheived this season, despite almost surely entering the playoffs without home-ice advantage.

The Toronto Maple Leafs currently rank 10th overall by points-percentage, which is disapointing compared to pre-season expectations, but 17th in 5v5 save-percentage, and 13th in 5v5 expected-goals percentage.

That means the results are out-performing both of the best indicators of how a team should perform. The reason is that they are the highest scoring team in the NHL at 5v5.

The Leafs outscore their problems, and they have a lot of problems. (Ironic, that they are now the most one-dimensional they've been in the Auston Matthews Era, considering the perception of the current team as "tough" and "playoff ready").

But perhaps the Leafs biggest weakness is coaching. How does a team that has lost in the playoffs because of their inability to score, sit one of their best scorers?

How does a team that has real problems scoring with the man advantage not use one of their biggest weapons?

It is very confusing.

It is also very stupid. (all stats In fact, outside of Philadelphia trading their best defenseman and costing themselves a playoff berth, it's hard to find an example of a team doing anything so intentionally self-destructive as not playing one of their best players.