The Top 5 Positive Surprises This Season for the Toronto Maple Leafs

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Number 1: Auston Matthews Goal Scoring Pace

Auston Matthews scoring goals is not a surprise for anyone.

Matthews scoring consistently is also not a surprise, but 30 goals in 35 games is a positive surprise. During the 2021-22 season, Matthews finished with 60 goals in 73 games. He didn't score goal number 30 until game 40 of that season. The Leafs have three more games until they reach game 40 on the season.

The fact that Matthews is on pace to score 69-70 goals is crazy to think about. He is trying to secure his third Maurice "Rocket" Richard trophy in the last four seasons.

Matthews would become just the second player in the trophy's history to win it three times. Alexander Ovechkin has won the trophy nine times in 19 seasons. Matthews is in his 8th season.

After scoring 40 goals in 74 games last season with an injured wrist, it's fun to watch Matthews lighting it up while playing fully healthy. If Matthews does score 60 goals this season, he will become the 9th player in NHL history to record 60 or more goals on two or more occasions. He would also become the 9th player in NHL history to score 70 or more goals if he can reach that benchmark.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans are privileged to be watching one of the greatest goal scorers in the salary cap era do what he does on a nightly basis. Matthews is good with and without the puck, and his 200-foot game is incredible. Playing the way he does and still scoring at the pace he is at right now is remarkable.