The Top 5 Positive Surprises This Season for the Toronto Maple Leafs

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Number 3: William Nylander's Point Pace

William Nylander is a member of the Leafs core four.

His overall production continues to improve each season, and he has registered 80 or more points in his last two seasons.

Last year, Nylander finished with 40 goals and 47 assists for 87 points in 82 games. All three stats were career highs for the Canadian born Swede.

Those stats from last season were impressive, and if he was to finish with similar numbers again this season, no one would be surprised.

However, Nylander is producing at an even higher pace than last season. He could finish with another set of career highs. Right now, Nylander has 21 goals and 33 assists for 54 points.

He is on pace for 44 goals and 73 assists for 117 points. For a player that a good chunk of fans seem to dislike, Nylander is on fire this season, and it is a positive surprise.

He is definitely an exciting player to watch, and it seems like he's picking up points every game. Nylander is without a contract after this season, so the pace he is on will surely increase his value. It is being suggested that his next contract will be for more than $11 million, which would be a nice upgrade from his current $6.9 million, but is it too much?

If he continues to produce 40-50 goals with 90-110 points a season, then no, it's not too much.