The Soon To Be NHL All-Star the Leafs Should Consider Adding

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The Case Against Cam Talbot

Talbot, although getting off to an all-star start, has found difficulty in recent games, having not won since Dec. 23 of last year. Will Talbot be able to return to the form that made him a top goalie this season will leave some questions for now, and Toronto may not want to take a risk on a player who's consistency has been iffy, even with strong results.

One other major factor that may dictate Talbot coming to Toronto, or anywhere, will potentially come down to cost.

Even though he's 36, Talbot is still able to contribute as an NHL starter. Toronto would have to bid against a few teams more willing to use Talbot as a consistent starting option, including Los Angeles, who don't have an in-house replacement for their current starter.

Although a strong backup, with great numbers this season, it seems unlikely David Rittich could handle the workload needed to be a full-time starter. Erik Portillo is a future option for a netminder role in Los Angeles , although it's hard to see him instantly catapulted into the spotlight.

If Talbot isn't re-signed, the Kings would most likely make a sign or a trade. Los Angeles, where Goaltending depth is a question mark, may be willing to outbid anyone to keep their starter, currently the top UFA eligible to go on the market.

Even with a mixed season, Talbot has shown he's at the very least able to be a starter, although not someone who'll push 65-70 games a season. He should still hold short-term value, and might be willing to take more money from a team with a good backup for a chance to fight for a proper starting role next year, instead of sharing the net with Woll.

Martin Jones, who had an earlier hotstreak for Toronto, would likely be a cheaper option at backup, although it is pretty clear he's nothing more than a decent #3 at this point.

Ilya Samsonov's return seems unlikely from a personal standpoint, but depending on how comfortable the Leafs are with either Jones or Samsonov by the end of the year, Talbot may not be needed by Toronto's brass.