The Big List of Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Deadline Options

Here is a big list of potentially available trade deadline acquisitions the Toronto Maple Leafs could make.
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Adrian Kempe

If LA were to fall out of playoff contention, he's 27 and would make the Leafs so dangerous. A package of a bunch of futures and cap casualties for Kemp an Roy? A boy can dream.

Realistically, he's not getting traded, but smart teams go off the board and he'd be a major addition.

Matt Roy

He's great at defense and offense. Like a poor man's #1 or another #2 in the Rielly/Hannifin sense, he's also a pending UFA making only $3.5.

This would be an absolute homerun for the Leafs, but remains a longshot because even though LA lost about ten in a row earlier in the year, they are still a playoff team.

Marcus Johansson

I've heard his name mentioned with the idea of reuniting him with Calle Jarnkrok but that is just lazy. Johansson is 33 and signed through the end of next year.

He is old, has negative value and his being signed through next year is a negative as well. I cannot make it any clearer how much it is important for the Leafs to avoid name-brand non-star "upgrades" like this who will block young and talented players from getting ice-time.

Zach Bogosian

He is 33 and I didn't like him when the Leafs had him the first time. This type of player is so overrated because the second they make a mistake it saps all their value because they do not have any offense.

Hockey is a dynamic, fluid, holistic game where any attempts to focus on defense or offense exclusively and at the expense of the other just hurt far more than they help.

The Leafs already have Benoit and should use him sparingly. Adding Bogosian is one of the worst ideas out there. Also, statistically, he has negative value this year.

Jonas Brodin

An elite right handed defenseman who is fantastic defensively and can still move the puck. He's a dream addition, but he also is 30, signed for another four years after this one at $6 million.

You could probably live with the contract, he's easily going to be worth the price for another year or two. And then? Who cares? Adding Brodin would make the Leafs so much better than they are today.

He is by far the best player on a non-playoff team that you could theoretically add....but will the Wild trade him? Is Treliving even smart enough to know how good he is?