The Big List of Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Deadline Options

Here is a big list of potentially available trade deadline acquisitions the Toronto Maple Leafs could make.

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Noah Hannifin

Though this kind of gives me Phaneuf flashbacks *(Leafs acquire overrated Flames D) I would be extremely pumped if Treliving pulled this off.

He's not great, but he's very good. He isn't the game-changing #1 dman we all wish we could get, but he's the next best thing. He'd give the Leafs 2 of the best #2s in the game. (There has to be a better way to say that!).

As far as players thought to be available, he appears to be the best one.

Andrew Mangiapane

Two years left and six million per year? That's a no for me. Even retained I'd rather have Kerfoot or just stick with McMann and Robertson.

Mackenzie Weegar

He's signed for like eight more years and Calgary will never compete while he's still an elite asset, so it's not impossible he becomes available, just very unlikely.

He's their best defenseman and would be the Leafs too. Unlikely to happen, but it would sure get the Leafs alot closer to a Cup this year.

Rasmus Anderson

He's a righty, he's underrated and he'd help the Leafs. He might be better than Taven and likely would be cheaper too. I'd definitely have interest.

Jacob Markstrum

Two more years for a 34 year old after this one at $6 million.

That's daunting, but for now he's one of the best goalies alive and he's on fire. I'd take a shot and worry about the next two years later. In fact, if Woll is who we think he is, those two years could be a nice transition - Markstrum starts this year, they split next year, and Woll takes over two years from now.

You'd be adding an elite player at the most important position. No guarantee he keeps it up, but he's a good bet to help the team.

Jonathan Huberdeau

Just kidding.