The Big List of Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Deadline Options

Here is a big list of potentially available trade deadline acquisitions the Toronto Maple Leafs could make.
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The Big List of Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Deadline Options

Adam Henrique

Adam Henrique is 34 and makes $5.5 million. He is a pending UFA and an obvious rental. He's a decent enough player, but doesn't really help the Leafs because he isn't anywhere close to the player he once was.

He currently plays on one of the worst teams in the NHL, and I think this gives him chances to scores and contribute he'd never get on the Leafs. He's better offensively than Kamp, but worse defensively. Doesn't matter, because no one is getting him to be a fourth liner at his price. This is a very hard pass for the Leafs. Expensive, overrated, and won't get the opportunity to score as much on the Leafs.

I know there are people who will think he's an upgrade on Domi at 3C but I feel like an NHL coach should be able to work Domi's talent into a lineup without having to sacrifice anything.

Jacob Silfverberg

He's 33 and a defensively solid winger who makes way too much money. At half his money retained, he's still expensive and would take time away from better players the Leafs already have. No Thanks.

Frank Vatrano

He is 29, a decent enough scoring winger with no defensive game. The Leafs already have Robertson and Domi and this wouldn't really make any sense. Personally, I favor players with more upside and would almost always prefer Robertson or McMann to a more established, more expensive, non-star.

That said, if the Leafs want to lean into offense after years of sacrificing it to play defense, I think that would be better. I don't think he fits into what I think the Leafs are trying to do, but I'd like him if they had a different philosophy.