The Big List of Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Deadline Options

Here is a big list of potentially available trade deadline acquisitions the Toronto Maple Leafs could make.

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Vince Dunn

I don't want to throw out the E word, but he may just be the elusive engaging eviscierating envoy of excellence the Leafs have been looking for. Yeah, he's ELITE and there's little chance he's available but it doesn't hurt to ask. He's 27 and makes a reasonable $7.5 for another four years.

Does an expansion team want to cash in their best player for futures? If so this is the trade to make.

Adam Larsson

He's sort of what Simon Benoit could be if Simon Benoit wasn't an OHL level puck handler. If it doesn't break the bank and other assets are also added I wouldn't be against this excellent blue-line upgrade.

Brian Dumelin

Another great defensive player with no offensive value. He's better than Benoit as well, and would be a cheap upgrade on what the Leafs have.

William Borgen

He's one of those weird names that comes up and sort of becomes trendy. Seems like every Leafs analyst things he'd be a great addition. He can move the puck and on the Leafs that is what's needed. He woudl probably be a bit better on the Leafs too since their forwards are so great. I like him better than just the defense-only guys, but for what seems like the hundreth time, the Leafs have a lot of 3rd pairing options and need top-four guys, which I'm not sure Borgen is.

Jamie Oleksiak

A lot of people think he'd be a good addition. I however don't think you should be interested at all in a 31 year old with two years left on a $5 million cap hit. Especially because he has been a negative value player this year and isn't really good in any way.

John Gibson

It's true that he hasn't had very good numbers for four or five years, but its also true that he's only 30 and is extremely talented. The Leafs would be taking a chance, but I think it's a good bet to pair him with Joseph Woll who himself could become a star.

I would really like to see John Gibson play in front of an actual good team. I don't think it's a popular idea, but I like it.