The Big List of Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Deadline Options

Here is a big list of potentially available trade deadline acquisitions the Toronto Maple Leafs could make.

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Scott Mayfield

I wouldn't want him because he's terrible, but he's 6'5 so he always gets mentioned. He shoots right, so that's a plus, but he is about as one-dimensional as Simon Benoit so there is really no point in trading for him.

Tomas Chabot

He's a left-shot defenseman who moves the puck in an elite way. His offensive value is great, and he is still a positive impact player despite his bad defense. The Leafs could definitely use a second elite puck-mover to compliment Rielly (I think that outside of a goalie upgrade, it's their biggest need),

Unfortunately, at 4 x $8 million after this season, it's probably not going to happen. Still, Brodie and Kampf would equal his cap hit and you could worry about the salary cap for next year next year. The current Leafs team would benefit so much from a player like this that I really think it's worth exploring.

Jacob Chychrun

He's cheaper, signed for less term, and younger than Chabot, so likely twice as expensive. It's also possible that Chabot is the better player. Chabot averages more ice time per game and his numbers are superior to Chychrun's on the same team.

IT would be exciting to get him, but I don't think it's that smart of a play when you could probably get Chabot for cheaper just because of the contract. Not that either is likely.

Artem Zub

He is 28, right handed, signed for four more years for under a $5 million cap-hit. He's big, he's good at both ends of the rink and he's underrated. Any of the three Senators defenders would help, and this is the least sexy acquisition, but it could be a smart one. As a TJ Brodie replacement the Toronto Maple Leafs could do worse.

Anton Forsberg

In no way do I think this is a good idea as an upgrade, but I would swap Samsonov for him and pocket the slight savings.

Claude Giroux

He's still flirting with being an elite player despite being 36. He is a massive upgrade on Domi but for double the cost. Wouldn't be the worst idea, but I don't love paying him almost $7 million next year.

Vladimir Tarsenko

I think he's washed and I'd rather play Bobby Mcann, so hard pass.

Ridley Greig

Imagine? He's really good and just 21, but he's not going anywhere, I just put this one in for fun!