Should the Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Mitch Marner to Utah?

Toronto Maple Leafs are looking at everything when it comes to shaking up the roster this offseason, according to President of Hockey Operations, Brendan Shanahan. Could General Manager Brad Treliving look to make his biggest splash as Maple Leafs GM with the newest team in the NHL, Utah.
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Potential Leafs and Coyotes Trade

IF the Coyotes aren't interested in trading Keller, the Maple Leafs could also look for multiple pieces from Utah.

Ilya Samsonov is gone for sure, and the Leafs need a new goalie.

The Leafs could target Connor Ingram, who had a .907 SV% and 2.91 GAA in 50 games this season. He has a two seasons left on his contract at $1.95M. Combine that with Joseph Woll's sub $800k contract and below $3M for an above average goalie tandem would be tidy work by GM Treliving.

But Ingram for Marner is no where close to a fair one for one. Utah would have to add more for the Maple Leafs to even entertain a deal.

Toronto had one of the worst puck moving bluelines in the league this year and will need to fix that.

Sean Durzi is a name that comes to mind when looking at Utah. He is a pending RFA which means the Leafs would have to sign him to a contract.

Durzi, originally drafted by the Maple Leafs, was the number one defenseman for the Coyotes this past season.

He would compliment Jake McCabe well on Toronto's second pair and could takeover as quarterback of the Maple Leafs first powerplay unit.

Marner for Ingram and Durzi could be the foundation of a deal, but this exercise quickly shows how bad of an idea trading Marner is. Even if the Coyotes included their top prospect and a first round pick, this trade is a massive loss for the Leafs.

Toronto would be acquiring a C-Level starting goalie and an OK top 4 puck moving defenseman, while also acquring cap space which they could use in free agency.

And this is a best-case scenario, because, assuming Marner would waive his no-trade clause, who are the Coyotes bidding against? They would have no reason to pay market value for a player this good.


Marner's time in Toronto may have expired but if the Leafs trade him, they need to be prepared to lose any trade they make.