Sheldon Keefe Ejected as Toronto Maple Leafs Winning Streak Ends

Toronto Maple Leafs v Winnipeg Jets
Toronto Maple Leafs v Winnipeg Jets / Jason Halstead/GettyImages

The Toronto Maple Leafs had won seven games in a row, including a win last week vs the Cup champs, coming into last night's game.

That winning streak came to an end as the Las Vegas Golden Knights got some help from Max Domi, William Nylander and the referees to end the Toronto Maple Leafs winning streak.

It wasn't the best game for the Leafs, but it wasn't a disaster either. It was winnable, but like so often when Auston Matthews doesn't score, this team doesn't have the depth to compensate.

The final score was 6-2, and despite the obviously bad refereeing, it's hard to say the Leafs deserved better. (stast

Toronto Maple Leafs Lose 6-2 to Vegas

The Maple Leafs recalled Joseph Woll, but unfortunately they still played Ilya Samsonov tonight. I don't pretend to understand what Keefe is ever thinking, so I'll just assume he didn't want to rush him.

Samsonov may have had a good couple of weeks, but he's not someone you can trust in net at the best of times and tonight he was fairly bad, but the Leafs did allow quite a few grade A chances against, so you can't blame him completely.

Keefe was ejected, which was interesting, but ultimately meaningless. The Leafs were mad about a couple of missed calls - and deservedly so. Going on the PK with five minutes to go on an obvious dive was pretty annoying, but you don't ever get the benifit of the doubt on offensive zone penalties and Marner easily could have kept his stick totally to himself.

The Leafs were without Timothy Liljegren tonight and it showed. Their "top pairing" of Rielly and Brodie was exposed for the garbage it constantly and consistantly is.

Far be it for me to criticize a professional hockey coach, but when Simon Benoit skates for a minute and a half more than Auston Matthews at 5v5 you probably get the result you deserve.

Same goes with Domi getting one minute more than Matthews. That just can't happen.

Nylander, Brodie and Rielly were on for four goals against at 5v5. Domi was on for three. That's horrendous.

Overall, it wasn't the worst game, but it was a frustrating one.


The bottom line is that the Leafs aren't going to win too many games where Auston Matthews only gets 2 shots, and none of them come 5v5. It wasn't a good game for Matthews, and the Leafs aren't even close to a playoff team without him.