Ranking the Deadline Needs of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Islanders
Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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Ranking the Leafs Trade Deadline Needs

4. Goaltender
The problem with the goaltending on the Maple Leafs is that you don't know what you have in Joseph Woll as he has been injured since early December and it is unclear when he is going to be game ready.

With such a little amount of a professional track record of Woll you don't know if you are going to get the goalie he was before the injury or someone that will land back on the injured list shortly after returning.

Ilya Samsonov has been the definition of inconsistency and Martin Jones is exactly what he is being paid to be, which is to give mediocre goaltending when the team is desperate.

With all that being said, I am not convinced the team needs to go out and waste an asset on a goalie unless you are getting a game break goaltender in the likes of Connor Hellebuyck or Andrei Vasilevskiy which neither of those guys will be available. Though there is one franchise goalie who might be.

If the Maple Leafs can fix any of the next three categories, Samsonov and Jones will look much better in net.

3. Third Line Center
One of the biggest holes on the team is the third line center role which is currently being handled by Max Domi. When he was signed it was predicted he was going to be a left winger, but after many failures up the mildle on that line Domi was thrusted into that spot.

After initially looking adequate in that position, his game has fallen off and he is averaging less than 13-minutes a night over his last 13 games including just 10:48 during the game against the New York Islanders. During those span of games, Domi has just two points which is not appealing for a third line center who doesn't play well in his own end.

In some recent articles I spoke about a few names which included Sean Monahan, Adam Henrique and Boone Jenner as targets that Treliving should go after. Monahan has since been traded to the Winnipeg Jets, which leaves the other two.