Predictions for the Eastern Conference in the First-Round of the NHL Playoffs

Toronto Maple Leafs v Florida Panthers
Toronto Maple Leafs v Florida Panthers / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages
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Carolina Hurricanes vs the New York Islanders

There is always a series you have no interest in watching, isn't there?

Unless you are related to a player on either of these teams, I assume you agree with me that this is the most boring possible series the NHL could have dreamed up.

While the Atlantic teams will duke it out in series that are worthy of being the Stanley Cup Finals, each of the two good Metro teams get a gimmie.

This one isn't such a slam-dunk as the Rangers series because of Ilya Sorokin, but it's damn close.

The Islanders wouldn't be a playoff team if they played in a harder division, and Detroit abnd Pittsburgh, two teams who won't be playing this spring, are easily better than they are.

Heck, I think Buffalo might be too.

The Islanders are not a good team and they won't give the Hurricanes too much trouble, unless their goalie catches fire. That's a real possibility, because he's one of the best goalies alive, but it's pretty unlikely.

The Hurricanes are just too good. Still, I'll say seven games for the 'Canes.

To recap:


The Leafs, Hurricanes, Rangers and Lightning will be going to round two, while the Bruins, Panthers, Islanders and Capitals will be going home after just one round.